The Importance of Probiotics: Restore a Healthy Balance

Probiotics: What They Are and Why They’re Important

You’ve probably heard some buzz about probiotics and prebiotics, so let’s talk a bit about what they are and why they matter.

You Need A Healthy Balance

To begin with, it’s important to understand that, while it may be counterintuitive, we need bacteria to live. You see, your digestive tract has and needs a large number of bacteria living in it for you to be able to properly digest food. Yes, some bacteria are toxic, particularly if they are present in the wrong parts of your body or if they are overly abundant. But, the proper balance, especially in your colon, of “good” bacteria” and “bad” bacteria is essential for good health.

This Balance Is Easily Upset

Unfortunately, many things can upset this balance. One of the most common causes of an imbalance of these helpful microorganisms in your colon is ProBiology Gut+ Before and After Results antibiotics. Antibiotics can kill helpful bacteria right along with harmful ones, and once this balance is thrown out of whack, it can cause damage to your digestive function and to the lining of your intestines. When this happens, it can be a challenge to restore the proper balance.

Probiotics Restore The Balance

This is where probiotics can help you. Probiotics are oral supplements that contain beneficial bacteria in a dormant form. Once you ingest these supplements, the helpful bacteria begin to multiply in your colon and, in effect, “crowd out” harmful bacteria, thus restoring the healthy balance you need. Taking probiotics on a regular basis can assure that you continue to maintain this balance.

Not All Probiotics Are the Same

However, you should know that not all probiotic supplements are created equal. To begin with, some only contain one type of organism (usually Acidophilus), while others contain as many as 20 different varieties of beneficial microorganisms. The larger the variety, the better for you the supplement is.